The modern police vehicle: Ergonomic Challenges

July 14th, 2011 Comments Off
Posted by Dr. Jody Freedman

We treat a fair number of RCMP patients at our Langley Chiropractic office. Most people would assume their injuries are largely related to tussles with the bad guys. More commonly though, their injuries are directly related to the ergonomic challenges of being a police officer. This can include heavy equipment, sitting in uncomfortable car seats, and just as challenging: their laptop computer. The centrally located police laptop is fortunately and unfortunately all part of modern policing. Great for obtaining quick information but very challenging for the body to type twisted to the right for a good part of a 12 hr shift.  All that sitting and twisting ultimately leads to imbalances in the spine and sometimes a fair amount of pain.

Check out this video on the modern police car that aims to solve some of these challenges.  The screen is still in the centre, but at least the keyboard has been detached so a more neutral position can be obtained. Not perfect but certainly better than what is currently available.

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