Running Biomechanics & Posture @ Langley Running Room

August 9th, 2011 Comments Off
Posted by Dr. Jody Freedman

Last Thursday, I (Dr. Jody) was back at the Langley Running Room speaking to a 10k group about the often forgotten Upper Body Biomechanics of running.  Before we got into running biomechanics & posture, we first needed to look at the postural challenges of where we spend most of our time … at work.  Whatever our job is (Sitting at our desk, driving a car or bending over to pick stuff up), most jobs tend to lead to the same posture: Tight shoulders,  hunched forward neck, and a lack of motion in the upper back.

When we finally find a few free moments to get out and run, unfortunately that hunched posture often comes along with us.  The result is restricted breathing and upper arm movements as well as fatigue setting in early.  We simply don’t perform as well as we could.

This was a fun topic to discuss with the group.  For some tips on overcoming these postural challenges, Check out my handout for runners here or come in to our clinic for a more complete assessment and personal recommendations.

Be sure to also check out the running groups and clinics at the Langley Running Room. The excellent team do a fantastic job working with runners of all abilities.

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