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Langley Chiropractor Blog : Yoga in Langley

April 9th, 2019 Comments Off

Did you know that yoga has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic/long term low back pain? We often get questions about where to go for yoga in Langley. Dr. Freedman took the time to create a resource list of yoga studios and classes at rec centres in Langley.

There are many different styles of yoga:

  • Hatha yoga – Generally a slower moving practice with some stretching, breathing and maybe meditation depending on the teacher. Usually suitable for all levels.
  • Flow yoga – A more active yoga practice with movement between each pose. Suitable if you are not currently injured and have a baseline of fitness.
  • Power yoga – An active, strength building practice. Suitable if you are not currently injured and have a baseline of fitness.
  • Yin Yoga – A small number of yoga poses held for a long time in order to get a deep stretch. Suitable for all levels if you are not currently injured.
  • Restorative yoga – A very gentle, calm practice, often using a lot of pillows and other props, typically sitting or lying on the ground. Suitable for all levels, including if you have an existing injury, and good for stress or anxiety.
  • Hot yoga – The yoga room is heated to over 30 degrees during the class.

Yoga Studios (Langley/Clayton):

  • Vicara Yoga & Wellness – Central Langley
  • Evolution Pilates & Yoga – Central Langley
  • Smiling Hearts Yoga & Fitness – Clayton Heights
  • Yoga Roots – Fort Langley
  • Oxygen Yoga – Walnut Grove & Willoughby

Community Centres with Yoga:

Township of Langley:

  • Yoga included in membership (Adult – $6 drop in, $54 10 pass, $509 yearly pass)
  • Schedule –
  • Variety of classes – Hatha, Power, Gentle
  • Community Centres:
    • Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre
    • George Preston Recreation Centre
    • W.C. Blair Recreation Centre
    • Walnut Grove Community Centre
    • Willoughby Community Centre
    • Willowbrook Recreation Centre

City of Langley – Timms Community Centre:

Langley Chiropractor Blog | Congrats to Dr. Armstrong on her first open water swim race win!

August 3rd, 2017 Comments Off
Posted by Dr. Jody Freedman

Congratulations to Dr. Robin Armstrong on her first place tie in her first open water swim race at the VOWSA kits open 750m. The race was part of her training for her first triathlon coming up August long weekend at Elk Lake. The office will be closed over the August long weekend as we cheer her on!

Running Biomechanics & Posture @ Langley Running Room

August 9th, 2011 Comments Off
Posted by Dr. Jody Freedman

Last Thursday, I (Dr. Jody) was back at the Langley Running Room speaking to a 10k group about the often forgotten Upper Body Biomechanics of running.  Before we got into running biomechanics & posture, we first needed to look at the postural challenges of where we spend most of our time … at work.  Whatever our job is (Sitting at our desk, driving a car or bending over to pick stuff up), most jobs tend to lead to the same posture: Tight shoulders,  hunched forward neck, and a lack of motion in the upper back.

When we finally find a few free moments to get out and run, unfortunately that hunched posture often comes along with us.  The result is restricted breathing and upper arm movements as well as fatigue setting in early.  We simply don’t perform as well as we could.

This was a fun topic to discuss with the group.  For some tips on overcoming these postural challenges, Check out my handout for runners here or come in to our clinic for a more complete assessment and personal recommendations.

Be sure to also check out the running groups and clinics at the Langley Running Room. The excellent team do a fantastic job working with runners of all abilities.